Reviewing the Land Rover Discovery 4


This  Discovery 4 (LR4)  is essentially a face-lifted version of the Discovery 3 (LR3), which basically means that this SUV is more rugged than the previous versions, with absolutely no soft or curved lines, except for the wheel arches, which seem to be the only curvy bits in it.


This is a 5-door SUV, with three rows of seats and dashing interiors. Most of the changes in this car are mechanical.


The LR4 uses the same “Integrated Body Frame”, where the engine frame and passenger cabin are built as a monolith, or monocoque, which is mated to a ladder chassis holding the gearbox and suspension. This, though offering the strength of a monolith AND the ladder chassis off-road, it comes with a weight penalty. This Rover now weighs 2583 KG(kerb). phew!


There’s a permanent 4-wheel drive system(JOY!) a two-speed transfer box and Land Rover’s Terrain Response System. It also comes with a gradient acceleration system which gives it a 36-degree-approach and 30-degree-departure angles (This is on angled terrain).


The cabin of the LR4 requires some effort to get into without the optional foot-board. Contrarily, the interior is almost amazing, what with it’s ability to block outside noise, and it’s old-school dashboard (joy again!), with a pleasant smattering of brushed aluminum and wood and PLENTY of smart details. The only downside is that the speedometer and tach look HUGE. No complaints about seat comfort though. Fantastically placed, shaped and contoured. The trademark low windowsills of Land Rover. along with the large windows, give you an unparalleled view of the surroundings.


This rover comes with the same V6, 2993cc twin-turbo diesel engine as used in the Jaguar  XF-S. This is combined with the twin sequential turbochargers to give 241 bhp and 61.2 kgm. There’s also a six-speed gearbox, which gives awesome control on- and off-road, what with it’s fabulous gear ratios and maximum=economy-tuning.

On-Road performance:

The LR4 handles extremely well in cities and the air suspension flattens bumps of all heights. It is also extremely nimble and the fact that you can see the tips of the squared-out bonnet is helpful in parking in tight spaces.

Off-Road performance:

This LR4 feels perfectly at home in the rough. It’s massive clearance, excellent wheel articulation and clever off-road software allow you to take it beyond what you think is possible.


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