Twenty Steps to drawing a car from the top-right angle

The much spoken about (by me 😀 ) tutorial is now here….

Drawing a car from the top-right angle.

Materials Required:

1) A pencil with a dark stroke.

2) A pencil with a light stroke.

3) A4-Sized paper

4) A metre scale

5) Loads of Confidence

Introduction to perspective of this car:

NOTE: Do this with the light pencil, that too, incredibly gently.

Take a point on the left side of the paper. Now draw a horizontal line through the point, like so:

Now, draw two lines , one almost parallel to, and the other at an approximate angle of 30 degrees, like above. (note the approximate 😛 )

Now, draw two lines perpendicular to the base axes, like so:

Your base has been successfully completed. I know it doesn’t look like the car’s wheels should, but I want you to trust me. If you still have a doubt, check the featured image or the final image in this post. That’s the end result of this tutorial.

Drawing the car:

Step 1:

Draw two arcs on either side of the two perpendicular lines. These are the wheels…..And, yes people, I know that it doesn’t look much like it will form a car, but I request that you be patient and trust me to teach you this. Refer to the pic below:

Step 2:

Extend the two wheels as two cylinders, like above.

Step 3:

Draw the base lines of the car. Note that the roof line does NOT look like a 3D line.

Step 4:

Extend the roof, hood and windshield lines ( windshield line occurs from a point directly above the wheel).


These lines should be parallel to the horizon.

Step 5:

Darken the base lines.

Step 6:

Just join the hood and windshield lines to form the hood.

Step 7:

Now join the roof line to the hood.

Step 8:

Now, as this is a sports car, the other side of the windshield appears to flow with the roof. So, this line should be drawn in one smooth flow. Join the rear part of the roof and this line.

Step 9:

Now draw the base shape of the hood…..Imagine this in 2D and just draw that shape.

NOTE: This “Imagine in 2D to draw” works ONLY while copying down cars, DO NOT USE THIS WHEN YOU ARE DESIGNING)

Step 10:

Draw the line that bisects the car. Now draw the shape of the front grille. The line of bisection makes this easier.

Step 11:

Now, draw these…They make the front grille of your car.

Step 12:

Draw two rectangles for the headlights.

Step 13:

Draw a line near the ends of the headlights and make it like I’ve done…This leads to realistic-looking headlights.

Step 14:

Now extend the front bumper downwards till you get that shape right. That makes place for the registration plate. Draw the space for the symbol, whatever it may be…right now, it’s an inverted triangle.

Step 15:

Draw a line almost parallel to the base-body line. Now draw the wheel wells…Out of habit, I drew them in the first step ( I’m very sorry, guys) I just wanted to say, ” Draw it now”.

Step 16:

Draw the basic shape of the windshield. Make sure that the facing (opposite) side is narrower than the nearer side.

Step 17:

Draw the base for the bottom and the doors.

Step 18:

Draw the window shape in the car. Also, make the changes to the wider part of the wheel wells, like below.

Step 19:

YES! Now you’ve done a car viewed from an angle. Congratulations!

Step 20:

I’d forgotten, brothers and sisters…Draw the wheels 😀 😉 All you got to do is make it look a bit angled and then you got it!


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