Schedule for the next tutorials

Now we move on to learning how to draw car as viewed from the top right angle.

This tutorial is just the basic for all perspective drawing and once we get to finishing this tutorial, we can try to get to more angles and various types of cars. This series of tutorials will help draw and design cars from angles like this:

1) Basic Angle : 1

This is the most basic angle which we will be using in drawing as this is the easiest.

2) Basic Angle : 2

Just from the opposite side. And DON”T WORRY about the looks of this car…Once I teach you to break it down, you WILL find it simple.

3) Front Angle

This takes a bit of perspective study and I won’t be dealing with this until later, so forget abut even trying this before you are able to draw the two cars above.

That sums up our schedule for the next tutorials.


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